A Band Teacher Making A Difference

I wasn’t the typical band geek in high school. It was a requirement to either take chorus or band, and anyone who has heard me sing knows that was never going to be my strong point. So band it was.

Because I wasn’t particularally musically inclined, I found it difficult to focus in band practice. Many of my teachers were harsh with anyone who was not a prodigy, and I felt defeated each time I left the room. But one teacher saw my struggle and reached out to me.

He was a saxophone player Manchester, but was willing to help a struggling drummer find her coordination and rhythm. He offered private lessons, constructive criticism, and heaps of encouragement. He made band fun. He made music fun.

I no longer take band, and I am far from a professional drummer. But I’ve never forgotten his kindness and support, and will occasionally tap out a few beats in his honor.