The Morning Dance

The Morning Dance…you know the one I’m talking about. It’s no Rumba, definitely not a Waltz. It could, I suppose, resemble a Salsa due to the speed. I’m talking about the multi-tasking and speed that it takes for a mom to get everyone up and out the door on time for school. If we were to post a Bolton CCTV in the home of Beth, mother of Lincoln (2), William (4) and Kate (9), this is what her morning dance would look like.

6am Wake up to the sound of Lincoln’s feet running down the hall to her room.
6:01 Put him in bed with her so she can sleep longer.
6:15 6:30 6:32 Wake up to the poking of little feet in her back.
7:00 Lay awake browsing Facebook on her phone while he lays comfortably over her head sleeping soundly horizontally somehow forcing her to sleep on the last 6 inches of the king-size bed.
7:30 Get the rest of the crew up and ready for school.
7:35 Remind everyone to brush teeth, go potty and brush hair.
7:40 Make breakfast. Ok, put waffles in the toaster and spread some peanut butter on them for protein.
7:45 As Beth’s morning dance of packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles continues in hyper speed she is stopped in her tracks…interrupted by a mysterious flushing sound.
7:46 She discovers that yes, once again Lincoln tried to flush the remote. Thankfully…it didn’t go down…like the toothbrush did. Causing a major flooding incident just a few days prior.
7:47 Close and lock the bathroom door to prevent Lincoln from entering and flushing more items.
7:48 Return to packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles.
7:50 Unlock the bathroom door for William who needs to go potty. Again.
7:53 Sign Kate’s agenda and report card slips.
7:54 Write a check for the book order that is due.
7:56 Write a check for a fundraiser order that is due so Kate can earn fantastic junk…uh, prizes.
8:00 Realize Kate’s homework had a front AND a back. Rush her to finish it while she eats a waffle being careful not to drip the peanut butter on her shirt because it’s picture day…shoot!!
8:01 Write a check for school pictures.
8:10 Call everyone to action…Kate’s brown boots are missing. The gray ones are in the closet, they don’t match. The black don’t even come close. She must have brown. It’s critical. It’s picture day after all! Even though she wore them the night before. They’ve vanished. The search team must find and locate them! Too bad the search team is 2, 4 & 9 and the worse finders ever!
8:15 FINALLY Beth finds the boots. In the car. Of course. Why wouldn’t they be in the car?!
8:16 Another mysterious flushing sound. William forgot to shut the door. This time it was a (thankfully mini) Captain America. He didn’t survive. All that is left is his shield which Lincoln is holding with a death-grip as he has a super sensor that tells him when William wants something causing William to melt down.
8:18 Tell everyone to head to the car instructing them to bring waffles with them.
8:20 Coats. Where are the coats?!
8:21 Find the coats in the car.
8:22 Catch the cat who got out the door when they were finding coats.
8:23 Change Lincoln’s diaper.
8:25 She finally gets out the door and buckles William and Lincoln into their car seats.
8:25 Something smells.
8:26 Head back in the door to change Lincoln’s poopy diaper.
8:30 Sprint out the door and zip out of the driveway to avoid being late for school…again.
8:35 Realize the gas light is on…and the sensor says zero miles left.
8:40 Offer up a prayer that they’ll make it…they live in the country. There are no gas stations in the corn fields.
8:43 Make it to school in time. Barely.
8:44 Pull up for Kate to exit. Look right at the teacher on duty and say, ‘I love you’ as she is closing the door for Kate who is already far enough away it’s clear the ‘I love you’ wasn’t for her…
8:46 Post to Facebook about the embarrassing proclamation of affection to the teacher.
8:47 Drive to the next school to drop off William.
9:00 Head home to recoup just in time to do the dance all over again the next day.

His Assistant

My dad is someone who works at an ear wax clinic Manchester and who helps out a variety of individuals by doing that. He is someone who looks out for everyone who comes into his clinic and who treats each visitor with respect. I have taken the job of being my dad’s assistant, and I am very happy to be giving him a hand in all that he does. I am excited for the job that I have and the chance that I have to affect lives. I know that my dad is happy to have me working with him, and it has been nice to have the chance to get to know him in a new way by working alongside him. I love the job that I have and the man that I work for and assist.

Extending My Glorious Sporting Career

In my decade of working with my company I have become the go to guy in our bowling league. I have really transformed my game from an average player to a great one in only a few years. Our bowling league depends on me to crush our local rivals each week down at the bowling alley. Recently I fell off a ladder doing yard work at home and my back and muscles have been killing me. Needless to say I tried to bowl once and I was horrible.

On a suggestion of a friend I decided to try to get a Manchester thai massage. My visits to physical therapy were not helping, so I took his advice and paid them a visit. That deep tissue massage relaxed me and took away a tremendous amount of muscle pain. I since have been back in the regular rotation in our bowling league and have been putting up the best numbers on the team again. This unique massage has really helped to extend my bowling career.


Let’s be frank, I’m a 30 something, single, corporate minded woman who loves to enjoy a two martini lunch or a stop at my favorite cocktail bar on my way home. Lately though, my age and nonstop lifestyle have been catching up to me. I would be groggy after lunch or in a haze in the mornings. I don’t believe all the hype that I hear on radio, or TV about miracle hangover cures, but lately there has been a lot of water filtration media coverage that has been hard for me to ignore. It seems to me, that drinking water that has had all the impurities filtered out of it before I have it should be easier on my kidneys. After all, I put enough strain on them with my dirty martinis, why not reduce their work load by removing the extra stuff in my water.

A Great Gift

Yesterday I went shopping for my dads birthday and I decided that I would get him a sentimental gift as well as a humorous one. For the first gift I got him a large picture of my family and a new fishing pole. For the second set of gifts I got him a package of depends and some hearing aids Manchester. My dad thinks he is the worlds biggest comedian so I decided to show him up a little bit. I have to say I am more than estatic to watch him open his gifts tonight after dinner. He is always pulling pranks on me and cracking jokes so I figured a few pranks myself would not do any harm. I just hope my mother has a sense of humor towards this as she is tired of the constant messing around between the boys in the family.

Neck Strain Relief at Last

Neck strain is a problem that has plagued me for many years, and last month it got so bad I decided to do something about it. I tried exercises, anti-inflammatory medications, and new pillows, but none of these has helped me very much at all.

A friend of my recommended a Liverpool thai massage as a way to help with my neck strain. I had heard of massages helping neck strain before, but I was unsure of what type would help. There are many different types of massage therapy but after getting the one he recommended it helped a lot. My neck feels ten times better than it had before, and I think I am going to start going to a masseuse on a regular basis not just for my neck but as a way to relieve stress overall.

Halloween Fun

There are many make up secrets that every person on Halloween has some are fun to plain scary. The scary effects do look better when a makeup artist Manchester does the job, but many people can do a fine job on there own. The safe Halloween makeup comes in large quantities. There are multiple colors in cream make up including the white no smudge cream and the cream that glows in the dark. Grease makeup is also fondly used and that comes in different colors. Different colors and sparkles of eye shadow palates, eyeliner, mascara, and roll on body glitter. Many different types and kinds of lip gloss and lip balm are hard to choose from. There are tattoo kits, eyelashes, and children’s body stickers. There are also many different kinds of make up kits to produce something innocent or something scary. Dressing up is best saved for Halloween.

A Band Teacher Making A Difference

I wasn’t the typical band geek in high school. It was a requirement to either take chorus or band, and anyone who has heard me sing knows that was never going to be my strong point. So band it was.

Because I wasn’t particularally musically inclined, I found it difficult to focus in band practice. Many of my teachers were harsh with anyone who was not a prodigy, and I felt defeated each time I left the room. But one teacher saw my struggle and reached out to me.

He was a saxophone player Manchester, but was willing to help a struggling drummer find her coordination and rhythm. He offered private lessons, constructive criticism, and heaps of encouragement. He made band fun. He made music fun.

I no longer take band, and I am far from a professional drummer. But I’ve never forgotten his kindness and support, and will occasionally tap out a few beats in his honor.